Am I in labour?

Before I start: I’ve contacted my hospital and am waiting the hour they recommended. I felt nauseous and was throwing up when I thought I peed myself, but I stood up after and the liquid kept flowing out and soaked through my underwear and thick leggings out onto a pool on the floor. The liquid was a light yellow and didn’t smell of anything. Triage have said to put a pad in and wait an hour but nothing else has come out since. I’m feeling constant backache and small tightenings at the top of my bump. Unsure if my waters broke & I am having contractions or if I peed myself and it’s Braxton Hicks 🤣🤣 anyone able to relate?
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Yeah. If you’re unsure just ask to come in and be checked in an hour.

Did they tell you when you put the pad in you should lie on your side for the full time, then get up ?

No they actually just said to sit down! But I did end up lying on my side and having a massage and then when I stood up it all gushed out again. Waiting at the hospital now to be seen - really really hoping I’ve not just been weeing myself 😅😅


I’d defo say you need to go get checked! I’ve had this happen twice and yes I had just wet myself both times😂 but the reassurance was comforting 😂xx

If it gushed when you got up I would say it's your waters! I had to get tested too

I’m in the hospital at the moment! Hoping that I’m not wasting hours to be told I’ve wet myself 😅😅 not had any other symptoms though, no contractions or anything, so I’m not convinced!

Turns out the baby has just been headbutting my bladder until I pee myself 😭😭😭😭 mortified!!

Haha pregnancy eh? Surprised you didn't feel it 🤣

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