Upset or no?

Would yall be upset if you became friends with someone on here who’s actively trying to conceive too and you started to get positive tests and her look positive to you but she starts getting mean towards you because you got really positive tests but hers aren’t really dark? Kinda like she’s pissed at me for getting positive tests…
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Id be a little peeved I get trying to conceive is hard but to pissed off and cold over it is a bit harsh especially if both of you are trying for a baby you can't control you got pregnant first or have darker positives than her

@Max then she started comparing me to other girls on here and how we apparently rub it in other girls faces that we got pregnant easier then her.

Yeah definitely you are obviously you are actively stopping her from getting pregnant and you being on an app specifically meant for moms of all kinds is rude and you should rethink your decisions on sharing your pregnancy journey to other pregnant moms <3 xD

I think it is important to remember that her reaction is a reflection of her and not you. It is upsetting but best you know what she is like now before the friendship really develops and you are hurt even more. You do not need people in your life who are toxic like that

@Max I’m not sure if I’m taking this the wrong way or not but is this meant to be rude towards me or sharing my journey with other moms?

^^ she’s being very sarcastic. Not saying anything rude towards you

@Gia yes thank you I apologize if it came off as anything other than sarcastic you're doing absolutely nothing wrong sharing your pregnancy and journey especially on this app of all places don't let others take you down for being happy with your pregnancy happening

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