Line eyes?

My app prediction says positive but I’m not too sure. I’ve had many times where I thought there was a line and it was negative. Could use some extra eyes🤣! I have an 11 month old so if it’s positive I’m gonna have my hands full😅 Thank you in advance ladies ♥️
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I feel like I can see something very faint but it looks like it’s more to one side than in the middle of the window? Perhaps take another tomorrow with first morning wee!

@Chloe this is after I snapped it open and put it back together 😭💀. I’m gonna test every couple of days to see a clearer result. Thank you xx

I see something faint!♥️

If you’ve broken it open then it’s no longer valid so you’ll have to retest with a new test

I do see a faint line

That app gave me false hope and just told me positive on a negative tests….

@Becky no it wouldn’t but now you have opened it you can’t regard that result, I would deffo test in a couple days

@Karen okay thank you :)

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