Single WFH moms advice plz

Hi I'm a single mom of 1 and Im starting work at home 🏡 soon and it is only me and my child at the house so, I really don't know how I will do this with a 1 year old and half. Please mama's if u have any advice on how to do this ... will help ... I am thinking about having my desktop computer in my room and just work in my room while my baby entertains with TV in the living room. Any mama's have some advice would love to read them! Thank you. 😊
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I also wfh and have done since my lo was 11months old. it is possible! Get their favourite toys, utilise their nap times and tv time. Snacks and if you are going to work in a different room, I would get a monitor so you can see them. Do you have a support system? Family or close friends who can help once or twice a week incase you need to attend long meetings etc. You will be fine, hopefully you have a supportive manager.

What type of work from home do you do? I’ve been looking to find something too

Childcare/nursery is the only way for me. I can’t be present for my son nor my job if I have to juggle both - my employer needs more and my son deserves more so I’ve no money left at the end of the month but nursery for us. It’s a challenge but my job is our lifeline so can’t put that at risk.

Being a single mum of a 10 months old baby girl, i don't know how you would be able to work from home. Mine is so dependable on me. Plus, I don’t let her watch tv. She plays on her own while I cook, for maybe 1h, but you work 8 h. I wouldn't be able to work like this, so I decided to take her to nursery and work part time if my manager will allow me.

Well I work from home with my son at home with me as well until he starts school next month. My son is older so I guess it may be different for us. My son is 4 going on 5 so I usually entertain him with his phone or tv or crayons/coloring book or I have him read a book. I think it’s about finding activities for them to do to help stimulate their brain while you work so they aren’t bored 🥰

At that age they need to be in the same room with you cuz they will get into EVERYTHING. I made playlists on YouTube for Gracie’s corner, cocomelon, mother goose club etc. Teletubbies on Netflix, Yo Gabba Gabba, Pocoyo are all good shows. If your kiddo likes music and you’re a nerd, Pokemon Kids TV on YouTube has nursery rhymes and other baby videos. Be warned they may get loud but you will eventually need someone to watch them while you’re at work because they don’t understand you’re not available to them when you’re clearly sitting right there in their face lol.

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