Hey im giving birth in just over 6 weeks and i still feel so unprepared i could cry right now , his rooms still not done cause its just been pained iv got a cradle got a baby changing unit got some outfits nappys cream etc still need a prep machine , play mat , aw god feel like the list goes on havent even got a labour bag never mind packed one like what do i even pack i have so much anxiety and my baby daddy seems to just not really care .. am i going insane here??? Im not breastfeeding so deciding what milk to put him on , im so scared for labour.. and my partners going away next week for a week so another worry incase i go into early labour hopefully not , unfortunately he needs to go away its for work , can i get some advice to ease my mind , am i overthinking? I feel like im useless ..
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The good news is that most babies come 1 week either side of the due date so you still have time! My only advice is fully pack your hospital bag as with my first I didn’t finish packing it which meant I had to pack whilst I was in labour 🫠 to make you feel better I have done nothing to get ready for this baby. Literally nothing.. but if baby was to come you only need some clothes a blanket and nappies. The hospital can provide formula. Most things can be bought on Amazon and come the next day! I’d write a list in notes of everything you need to do and try tick 1 thing off a day. Il share my hospital bag list.. it’s based on what I actually used the first time round x

Make lists in your notes about what you need and select days to do them, bit by bit so you don’t overwhelm yourself. As long as you have the essentials you will be fine, the shops will still be open when baby is here. If you are using next to me in your room then don’t stress to much about his room either just do what you can. The days are tiring enough now as it is honestly don’t stress yourself out, with milk I just went to my closet local supermarket which is Lidl and they stock aptamail so I’m going to try that first as it’s handy being able to nip down the road for it. You’re not useless you are growing a human x

Me ◦ Towel ◦ Shower gel (mini) ◦ Face wash (mini) ◦ Cotton buds / cotton pads ◦ Toothbrush ◦ Toothpaste / mouthwash (mini) ◦ Dry shampoo (mini) ◦ Deodorant ◦ Spritz for bits ◦ Peri bottle ◦ Nipple cream ◦ Skincare ◦ Hairbrush ◦ Hairband / hair clip ◦ Big knickers ◦ Sanitary towels ◦ Flip flops ◦ Nightie / pjs / socks ◦ trousers & top (2 tops) ◦ Long phone charger ◦ Water bottle ◦ Bag for dirty clothes

Baby ◦ Size 1 nappies ◦ Nappy bags ◦ Baby wipes ◦ Bepanthem ◦ 3 hats ◦ 3 muslins ◦ Towel ◦ 2 blankets ◦ 5 vests (newborn) ◦ 5 babygrow with mittens (newborn) ◦ 1 socks ◦ Cardigan (newborn) ◦ 2 Dummy ◦ Readymade formula ◦ Pramsuit (if cold) ◦ Bag for dirty clothes

Thank you so much for the advice im so nervous its eating me alive im sitting crying right now i just feel like iv not got enough im probably just overthinking it all but i have screenshotted the list for the labour bag and will pack all of that stuff thank u so nuch xx

The list that Nicole has put is pretty identical to what I've packed. Just use what bags you have, I used a small suitcase for me and the babas changing bag for him. And I agree this is probably the first thing you need to get ready now 😊 In regards to the babas room, don't worry too much about that, you can do that after arrival as they will be with you for a little while anyway. Sterilization of bottles only last 24-48 hours depending on how you do it (hot or cold) so you don't need to do that until they arrive either when you come home but buy some premade ones to have in the house in case your having an overwhelming moment or your just tired.

- It doesn’t matter about the nursery as baby will be in your room for a while. - Make a list for you hospital bag, the NHS provide one. - Listen to a hynobirthing podcast, it’s calmed me down about labour allot.

You don’t need as much as you think so it’s completely fine to be where you are at this point!! I made a big deal out of the nursery then literally didn’t use it for the first 6 months with my first 🤣 Bottles and formula can be quickly/easily ordered and they even have them at most stores like Tesco or Boots so even if you went into labor and needed them, someone could hopefully just grab for you. And formula type can be trial and error anyway to see what works for baby so starting with any normal Aptimil or C&G is good Uber is always an option if you don’t have a ride to the hospital when the time comes 😅 Honestly you will need: vests, sleepsuits, a hat, formula/bottles, changing mat, a sterilizer, somewhere for baby to sleep, nappies, cream, and you will be fine!! Those first weeks you’ll be laying around with baby and have ample time to shop online for anything else

Deep breaths! You’re doing great and definitely not the only one that feels unprepared. I went to a breastfeeding class and they said formula is formula do not go for the pricey ones! It’s all the same. I might be unprepared as I’m planning to breast feed but have nothing if that was to fail. Hospital bag - start putting things a side now! The fact you’re thinking about is great! I’m 34 weeks and going to start mine this weekend! I bought some organiser pouches and labels off Amazon, so the midwives or my partner will be able to go in and grab what I ask for as it will be labelled! (As my partner won’t be packing it with me) so maybe think about labelling? This is my list so far - Baby - 3 x NB sleep suits 3 x NB short sleeved vests 3x 0-3 sleep suits 3x 0-3 Vests 1 x leggings & long sleeve vest set for going home Cardigan A hat 1 x cellular blanket 1 x little cosy blanket Comforter Muslin cloths x4 Dummy Nappies and sacks Nappy cream wipes cotton pads Red book Swaddle

Comtinued Me- Adult nappies Pads Spritz for bits Shower gel tooth paste/ toothbrush Brush Bobble lip balm Creams Going home outfit (dress / leggings) 2 x nightys Dressing gown Large underwear Maternity bras Breast pads Flip flops Spray bottle Water bottle Charger Towel and flannels Bag for dirty Ice packs for bits Paracetamol James Deodorant Boxers Toothbrush Button down shirt for skin to skin Snacks Lucozade drink Nuts Fruit Crisps CAR SEAT IN CAR

I also haven’t done a nursery! So you’re ahead of me! I’ve just got a next to me for bed, Moses basket downstairs for day naps. our spare room has been emptied but we kept our spare bed for my partner to rest in or vice versa. We have a small chest of drawers that we have for baby but might upgrade when baby is here. I’ve started squirrelling away nappies so hopefully we will never run out 🤣 x

If it makes you feel any better I have literally nothing organised either and I'm going in for induction or C-section due to high risk pregnancy in 4 weeks 🙈. Feel like my ADHD is in overdrive and I'm in analysis paralysis, only thing we have is a next to me cot and nappies and a few things for the hospital🙈. still need to order the sheets, pram,car seat, all the furniture for the nursery and pack my hospital bag/buy bits for it. I feel the same totally unprepared and in a bit of a panic 😬 I'm wondering whether to try and finish work earlier than planned as no idea how I'm going to get it all done. Good luck!!! These lists on this post are super helpful 🤗

@emma nursery isn’t essential if planning to sleep in a next to me lovely! I ordered my pram and car seat from boots online! Quick and easy so again don’t panic! The bit that took the longest was checking reviews and getting the ok from my partner 🤣 The only thing I’ve had him do was source the baby monitor and that still hasn’t arrived 🙄 so I’m glad I did the ordering of the more important bits. Could you get family to do some shopping on your behalf or gifts? My mum took over on the sheets and new mattresses (we second hand our Moses and next to me) as I wouldn’t of had a clue what to buy! You will get it done! 4 weeks will fly but you can def get your list ticked off before hand 😘 xx

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