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Anyone else’s baby scream bloody murder in the car seat? Regardless if she’s awake or tired she screams the whole to where she’s coughing or struggling to catch her breath. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 5 minute car ride or 15
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My son started doing this too and we weren't prepare because our first was soo good in the car. But we think he didn't like the extra padding on the sides of his neck so we will try to take those off and see how he does, it was leaving a slight mark like it was adding too much padding for him. Is there anything extra on the carseat that could be bothering her maybe?

That’s what my 1 old did before she turned one until I put some of her toys in her lap or brought her tablet along with us it keep her entertained and happy and it kept me and my husband at ease and not worry about her crying and coughing in the vehicle… yes I said tablet and Ik some moms are gonna mom shame me about giving my daughter a tablet when she was younger I mean my husband’s ex gf already mom shames me for it but idc it’s difficult during the day when it’s just me and the babies and sometimes I want a break meaning like I need to do stuff around the house and etc… every mom is different and they have different rules

@Holly nothing that I see! I try to make sure she’s dressed appropriately and that the sun isn’t in her eyes etc.

@Caitlyn my daughter is only a month old so tablets and such won’t work, she isn’t even interested in pacifiers

My son does but once not the whole car ride once we start moving he calms down have you tried playing music for her sometimes when he wakes up and cries that helps me

Yes mine too. We have had some pretty catastrophic car rides this week. She is also a month old and refuses pacifier and I just can’t console her even sitting next to her. I feel like we get more and more stuck at home because it makes us avoid the car when she screams uncontrollably like that 😔

@Madeleine same here! My husband said I can’t let it stop me from getting out of the house but it takes a toll on me listening to her scream like that. And if I pull over she stops, but won’t take a paci and is too young for toys so idk what to do. I have my toddler I have to take to daycare daily so it’s not an option but I’d like to be able to go other places also

@Brook yeah I feel the same way. It breaks my heart hearing her scream like that. When I’ve asked other moms they recommend playing white noice LOUD or the happy song by Imogen heap (?) has come up several times. I still haven’t tried it so not sure if it works for us but could be worth a try and see if your little one likes it

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