Struggling to Sleep!

My 10 month old used to be a really good sleeper but within the last month or so, she has been waking up numerous times throughout the night. She doesn’t wake up to nurse, shows no interest in nursing. Also, she has never been much of a cryer but since she began struggling to sleep at night, she now cries really hard until I come soothe her. As soon as I pick her up, she immediately lays her head on my shoulder and falls back asleep. I lay her back in her crib and make sure she’s asleep before I walk out but she wakes up as soon as I crawl back into my bed (in a separate room). We have traveled at least once a month since she was 3 months old so I know that not having consistency with her bed may have created an issue. I’ve been working on letting her cry it out but my heart breaks every time I hear her cry as hard as she has been! If I continue this route, how long should I wait before going in to soothe her? And how long will we have to do this before she is able to soothe herself again - she used to!! I’m open to suggestions! 🤍
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She may be going through separation anxiety. I’m dealing with a similar issue but my girl has never been the best sleeper. Intervals of 5-10-15 and every 15 after should do the trick. After 3 days of consistency u should start to notice the difference. Even tho I know these things it really is so hard to hear our little ones scream and just wanting mommy’s comfort. I think that’s why we are doing so bad with our sleep schedule because I myself can’t even be consistent 😂☹️ you got this!

@Aliyah thank you so much!!

My baby did the same for a couple of weeks then recently started sleeping better again and I saw that his two top teeth cut through :) I initially thought separation anxiety too. Could be a combination of things..

i’m going through this as well. baby is 10mos and used to sleep through the night in her crib. now she wakes up anywhere between 2 and 5 am and I end up taking her to bed with me. I think it’s separation anxiety

@Leenah I’m thinking a combination of things. She already has 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth out but it looks like some more are making their way to the surface.

@Margarita exactly what I’ve been doing 😔

I have been going through the same thing for a week. My 9mo who is rarely a crier has been having more night wakings and overall more fussy I think from teething. He just started sleeping through the night again 2 days ago. Some things we tried differently were extend his last wake window to 4 hours, made sure he had another bottle before bed, calming oil for his gum, and if he did wake up we would go into soothe and then go in every 5 min if he was still hysterically crying. Plus there is a sleep regression from 8-10 months so they may just need more help or comfort to get them back sleeping again 🩷

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