Pain on one side

Hi! I had my csection just over three weeks ago, recovery is going well, however I only seem to get pain on one side of my lower stomach. Right side, and feels like a tugging, pinching or stuck kinds pain. Not like intense pain, but enough to make me stop for a minute. I know it's still early recovery and if mostly just happens at night. So I might be over doing it. 🤔 I'm mostly just going for 20-30 min walks every other day and staying home looking after baby. Nothing strenuous.
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It happened to me on the right side. My obgyn told to walk just 10 min u til my 6 week appointment

I was told in hospital that this kind of pain is because the stitches are tied off on one side or something like that. Honestly I'm not sure but I had pain pretty much exclusively on my right.

@Cassandra agreed. My husbands a nurse and said that’s the cause

I had the same happen to me but on my left right. I'm 10months pp and occasionally, if I over work myself I get that slight pain

I had a c section 4 weeks ago and had the same thing. It’s because that’s the side they stitched you up on the most. View it as whichever side the doctor was on is the side that will hurt the most.

@Cassandra yeah they were tied on my right side! Thank you!!

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