So baby girl is 2 weeks old today and I know it’s recommend to wait 6 weeks before having sex postpartum but I didn’t have any tears or stitches and felt ready. We used a condom but once removed we noticed a tear in it. We are unsure if it broke during sex or as it was being removed. I’m also breastfeeding and still bleeding. How likely do you think it is to get pregnant I know your really fertile after pregnancy but we don’t think we’d be able to handle another pregnancy so soon. Anyone else been in this situation?? I’m panicking
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Get the morning after pill!

There’s definitely a chance of getting pregnant. Also getting an infection.

There is risk of infection even if you didn't tear so I would advise against any more sex. But seek advice in if the morning after pill is suitable for you

I would definitely get the morning after pill. There’s a very high chance x

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