My baby has been eating more adult foods and not drinking a lot of formula. Should I be concerned? Because I am lol what about dehydration? She has watered down juice from Honest and regular water but is that really enough? She’s only 9 months old and can’t switch to milk yet said by her pediatrician?
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How much formula is she drinking? Can you just cut back her food portions so she drinks a bit more?

Same as my little boy, he only drink 2-3 oz of formula instead of 5-6oz so i make him have his formula after 2 hours instead of 3hours just to be sure, his pedia told me that as long as he is eating he's fine. Just make sure that you make her drink from time to time, if her diaper is wet after a couple of hours means she's fine and she is hydrated.

She used to drink 32oz, 8oz every 5-6 hours. Now she drinks from 22-26oz. 26 I let slide but the 22 just got me concerned.

Mine was doing 30oz and now he's closer to 20oz so I feel like that's pretty normal. Also offering water with meals can help with the hydration but like Christine said the number of wet diapers should let you know if she's getting enough to drink.

I’d say 4-5 we nappies she has a day.

I believe she can have up to 6oz of water.

Literally my pediatrician just told me today that at this stage the goal is for them to start getting their nutrition more from solids than from formula. So she basically told me to focus on the foods and start reducing the formula wherever I can. So I would say you are in the right track. Maybe the water is important yes

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