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My baby is going to be 4 months old and I want to stop breastfeeding. I gained so much weight since giving birth I’ve been eating so much sugar that it’s crazy. I don’t feel comfortable anymore to breastfeed cause of this but I feel so selfish :/ I don’t know what to do any suggestions? Thanks x
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No advise, but same witht eh sugar and weight. Does breasfeeding making you crave sugar?

I think so I never had like this before even I was pregnant I was fine and eating normally. During pregnancy I barely put on weight and put double on since birth 😭

French women breast feed for 1m-3m. You've done 4m. Where is the guilt coming from? Am I the only woman that thinks women should do what is right for THEM. You've got women breast feeding their kids when their kids have teeth.... everyone's got an opinion and they're all going to judge you no matter what so you do you.

I'm not sure if the weight gain is entirely on breastfeeding? I'm breastfeeding and nearly back to my pre-pregancy weight and my little one is 5 months old. I think it is a combination of additional mental stress due to changes in our environment and sleep deprivation. It is well known that people crave more calories (especially sugar and fat) to function. What is your sleep routine? Do you cook healthy meals at home or is someone cooking healthily for you? I craved fatty and sugary things as well but mainly because healthy stuff was not readily available and meant more work. Since then my partner and I do meal preps. We've got fruit bowls in the fridge for the next 3-4 days and in the evening we cook healthy food (and I get another portion for lunch next day - so just need to warm up). But saying all this I am not you so won't judge. You need to assess what's right for you and your baby and only that matters. 🤗

The sugar cravings probably come from being so exhausted to be honest! I quit biscuits and started eating overnight oats and fruit instead (never ate these things in my life previously 😂) and I’ve been steadily losing the baby weight since, but it’s a slow process.

I just feel mentally drained I have no time to do anything for myself because I’m doing everything alone I have been thinking to stop just feel guilty over it.

Don’t beat yourself up, if it’s the right time to stop that’s ok. Your baby had 4 months of BF, that’s amazing!

I’ve lost 40 pounds so far. Eating good fats like avocados everyday.

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