Moses basket to cot

We have decided to try her in her cot tonight as she is starting to not settle in her moses basket, and i am just very paranoid… does everything look okay? She is 7 + 5, the sleeping bag is 1 tog and has a sleeveless vest on underneath.
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As long as baby is on a firm flat mattress with nothing loose in the cot which she is you’re absolutely fine. If she’s in a sleep sack you don’t have to put her feet to the end of the cot but you might find she does prefer it as it makes the cot seem less open to her 😊

She looks perfect to me! Though they always look tiny in the full size cots! Is there something particular that you are worried about?

@Victoria i think its the size difference! Because she does look so tiny in there it just worried me that she shouldnt be in a cot but she was looking too big for her moses basket now😂

Looks perfect I found cot bumpers relieved my anxiety just in case little 1 puts hands through the cot bars or moves around in sleep x

@Demi cot bumpers aren't considered sleep safe

Will her arms not be cold? I always think this is when there’s no sleeves? It’s not very warm in the UK right now do you have a hot house?

@Elena it is 25 degrees in my bedroom! I i wouldnt have done that if it was colder

@Josie blimey you have a warm house I wish mine was that warm 😂

@Elena i wish it was cooler, i cant stand being too hot😂

@Josie yeah it's 24°C in my bedroom, baby girl is in a baby grow most of the time.

Looks perfect, hope she settled well

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