Formula...when did you give it up?

when did you give up formula for night feeds and what did you replace it with? Especially if your LO still.wakes for feeds in the night.
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I have up formula at 12 months. Started mixing half and half with full fat milk until complete transition. My DD never really bothered with night feeds as we made sure to give her milk randomly day and night so she didn’t rely on it

Gave it up around 13months when i finished my last tin. Didnt have night feeds so it was just morning and night bottle, went straight to a straw cup when i changed to cows milk. Shes over 2 now and most of the time shell have a small cup of cows milk in the morning but thats it for the day x

At around 12 - 13 months. Swapped to cows milk

Around 13 to 14 months. Swapped to cows milk without issues. Gave her milk before bed (still do) and when waking up at night (once a night up until just over 18 months I think) I have used formula while on holiday in the meantime, as a substitute for the cows milk. Only when needed because I either couldn't get any milk or it was easier / safer to drink formula (like on holiday in India for example) I used the aptamil tabs for this purpose as it allowed me to bring small amounts without wasting the rest.

Swapped to cows milk at 12 months, still has a half bottle before bed

11/12 months went to cows milk and he spelt LOADS better xx

@Jasmine you're totally right! Tried it this week and he has slept so much better

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