How long are your LOs napping? Mine does 30 minutes minimum. I was able to get an hour out of her yesterday in her bassinet . I am just concerned she isn’t getting enough sleep. Sleeps maybe a 3 hour stretch at night and after that its like 40 minutes to an hour. Shes 12 weeks for reference.
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If I let mine he will sleep all day on me and he is going to be 3 months in 8 days.

Our little lady is 14 weeks, she’ll sleep 15 minutes in the bassinet, but like 2 hours on me 🙃. Nighttime first stretch is 3-4 hours followed by another 2-4 hours. I’m exhausted 😵‍💫

@Bonnie damn ! Mine fights sleep like whyyy 😩 lol

@Rachel ours is similar. She will definitely sleep longer on me. I feel ya. I am WORN out!🥴

She goes to sleep between 9pm-10pm and wakes up to eat between 2-3am and then 6-7am once it hits 10am she doesn’t nap for more than 30 minutes at a time but naps every 1-2 hours

Sounds very similar!

@Rachel I downloaded this app called napper which has been so helpful with wake windows and naps.

@Bonnie same. I let her nap 2 to 2:30 hrs she's sleeps great by herself I have to atleast hold for 15mins before laying her down . She takes 4-5 naps a day with bedtime and hour after her last nap

My daughter naps for about an hour and a half each time. She has about 4 naps per day. She sleeps about 5-6 hours straight at night, she’ll wake up for a feed and will sleep 3-4 more hours if I let her.

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