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My little girl is loving weaning as are we and is now on two meals (breakfast and dinner) plus 1 snack (usually just a puff or two when I have my other meal so she doesn't feel left out). In the last week she has been very constipated despite trying all the usual fixes - prunes, bicycle legs, tummy massage, baby reflexology, water, baths etc We have now been given lactulose from the Dr so hoping that will work but I was talking to someone today who has made me doubt the amount of food I am giving her. They said that maybe I am feeding her too much and this is causing her to be blocked up. Usually I just let her decide how much or little of each meal she wants but maybe I'm letting her have too much? Sometimes she will eat lots and other times she will eat next to nothing. She is following her growth chart well so health visitor is happy with her. She is also breastfed. Sample menu what we give her in a day: Breakfast Usually about a quarter or third of a weetabix with a little whole milk and either some fresh fruit (3 or 4 blueberries/some kiwi/strawberries) or a half a pouch mixed in Snack 1 or 2 Ella's Melty Sticks Dinner 1 or 2 sticks of sweet potato or potato with maybe a piece of chicken and a couple of sticks of veggies. Occasionally a little bit of fruit after maybe 1 stick Does this look like too much?
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Not at all, this sounds perfect if you ask me! Maybe just keep trying to get her to drink some water with meals (hard I know!)

I agree that sounds like the perfect amount, my LG has a sinilar amount! I’d agree with @CeeCee and give sips of water whenever LO is sat down to eat x

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that said that baby’s are intuitive eaters, so it’s really hard to actually over feed them. When they’re full up they’ll stop eating, I think the overfeeding can be more to do with like the calories in the food your giving. But from the sounds of things it definitely doesn’t sound like you’re over feeding

We went through something similar at about 7 months and tried everything to get her pooing! According to our paediatrician it’s really common at this sort of age to go through constipation as their guts aren’t used to processing actual food and they’re just starting to eat more and process it. We went through about 3-4 weeks of it and my baby is now back to regular poo’s. It was prunes for breakfast lunch and dinner in this house 😂 Portion wise my baby eats 1 whole weetabix for breakfast plus some watermelon fingers and for dinner she will eat nearly a whole sweet potato with broccoli sticks and then some chicken so your portion wise is totally fine! Hope this is reassuring 😅 Get some prune juice too and give baby a few sips, we also found prune cookies worked easier giving to her than the purées as she quickly cottoned on!

Thank you so much @Alice . Glad to hear you have been through the same thing. How long did she go without a poo? We're on day 9 (day 3 of lactulose) and all we've had at some wee pebbles. I'm at a loss for what to do now. Feel bad putting more in when very little had come out but maybe I should power on with the fruit. We were told orange juice yesterday (diluted). How did you give her the prune juice?

She’d go maybe 5 or 6 days without a proper poo and just had those pebbles a couple of times a day. Just try get as many prune purrees as you can in! I just bought prune juice from Sainsbury’s and put it in her beaker and let her take a few sips

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