Feeding (breastfeeding...responsive or timed)

How are you managing breastfeeding, responsive feeds (if so how long does baby go for without a feed) if timed how long do you wait before offering. Also is feeding the first thing offered when baby wakes or not to then encourage a wake window?
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Responsive but I don't let her go any longer than 3 and a half/4 hours. She usually wants a feed around 2 and a half - 3 hours so I don't usually have to wake her myself. And it depends on how she wakes if she's rooting or upset I will offer the feed first but if she's just looking around and calm I will how the wake window first

Exactly the same as Ella's comment. But at night, I'll allow longer stretches if he ever stats asleep longer than 3/4hrs (not had that yet, but I'm optimistic 🤣)

Same as above, responsive but I usually see her mouth going and her rooting round looking for the breast. Sometimes it can be an hour then other times it’s 3hrs. In the evening and at some point in the morning my little one cluster feeds every 30mins/1hour for a while too. I don’t wake her to feed her

On demand, but I don't let her go more than 3 hours during the day but don't worry as much about that overnight. In the day she feeds alot more often though and might only have 20 mins gap. I feel she stocks up in the day and has longer stretches at night

Exactly the same as everyone here. I wait for her to wake and show cues or offer if she's generally upset. She might go up to about 3 1/2 hours overnight but has some clusters often during the day, can be 20-30 minutes gap or on and off for up to an hour then. I'm relieved to see others are doing the same as I was worrying whether I should be waking her more in the night as my midwife said that's when you produce the most milk. She's gaining weight really well and lots of wet and dirty nappies though.

Thanks all, pretty much the same although she is cluster feeding at 3am for 2hrs but also think maybe she's overfeeding as she gives feeding cues but then spits up a lot or constantly letting the latch go. Seems like every time she wakes it's for food so different to my first

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