Our 14 month old Keeps biting me and his dad like every time he's mad if we need to change his diaper and he doesn't want to. He's will bite us anywhere, everywhere, our arms, my chest, legs… It could be a phase that will just pass, but these bites hurt!! Does anyone have any recommendations how to make this stop? Discipline that is fair and actually works for his age? He does give us lots of kisses too, and we say thank you we like kisses but NO biting…
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Yea it’s phase mine would do the same but we bit him back

Teeth are not for biting is an amazing book which is simple for them to understand too.

We redirected. My guy would come in for a cuddle, snuggle into your shoulder, then chomp down. I’d say “do you need something to bite” or something similar and provide something he could bite. He still will bite but only once a month or if he has really big emotions. I don’t flinch every time he comes to cuddle anymore.

lol I bit him back 😭🥲

Mine done this I had teeth marks and bruising, I kept telling stop! We don't bite then redirect him with distractions like a toy or a book it took a few weeks for him to fully understand but now he doesn't bite at all

@Kayla 😂😂 his butt know it hurts now

We also redirect when it's a playful bite, it's more of the I'm mad bite that concerns me lol that one really hurts

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