Breastfed babies

I’m so jealous of all these mommas that breastfeed 😭 I didn’t produce enough milk from the start and have been formula feeding since day 1. The amount of money it costs is just ridiculous 😭.
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You can look up human milk 4 human babies (your state) and see if anyone near you has a surplus of breast milk to donate if you are interested in using donor milk. Most donors just request milk storage bags or diapers as “payment” for milk. Just an option. I donate locally in Nebraska because I have an over supply.

If you live near me I could supply you

Same here, with both my pregnancies. We formula fed in the hospital both times cause my milk didn't come in until later, and I was able to go at least 2 months with both. My second had trouble gaining her birth weight back, so we had to supplement with formula. I'm not sure how I ended up with them, but I get similac and Enfamil coupons in the mail. Some of the similac are $30 off one item, so we use it on the $50 cans

Have you tried to see if you can get wic

@Priscilla my husband makes too much unfortunately for wic

Yeah look for donors near you! I’ve donated 1200 oz so far cause I produce extra and we don’t have storage for it.

One of the hospital social workers said they don't count the spouse's income.

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