Anyones cat do this?

My baby girl is 5mo old now and my cat just started wanting to cuddle up/be close to her. My baby normally kicks around a lot and is in the phase of wanting to grab everything. So my daughter will kick and grab at the cat. I move her and stop this as soon as I see it, but my cat will just sit there and act like nothing is happening while she's being kicked and grabbed at. I feel bad for my cat because from day 1 my cat seemed very loving and protective over my daughter. She always wanted to stay near by my daughter and acted like her little guard cat 😂 but she just started going up close to my daughter now and wont just move if she's being kicked
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we don’t have a cat, but we have a husky and she does the same thing. our son will grab her ears and fur but she’ll just take it 😭 we’re working on getting him used to animals and teaching him not to do that 😀

I just keep gently modeling soft pets, open the babies hand when I see him grabbing for a pet and do open hand and just move him when he kicks lol. Cats can be pretty durable and they'll let you know when they've had enough 😆

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