Scheduled C Section - Scared about staying overnight!

Hi guys! I was wondering if I could have some advice. I'm over due and planning to get a scheduled C Section due to medical reasons. I am scared about the actual procedure but seem to be more scared about staying over night by myself with my baby and not being able to move! I feel totally clueless about what to do already but knew I'd be able to do it with the help from my partner as I was planning to go to a birth centre. But knowing I'll be by myself which could be for a few nights and unable to move is really freaking me out. Is it possible for some advice and also some stories if this has happened to you. Thanks guys x
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I had an emergency c section with my first, she was in NICU but after a couple of hours for the epidural to wear off I was up and about. A bit achy, but the medications helped with that and the midwives are there to help too xx

@Kalsoom I'm sorry to hear you had an emergency section and baby was in NICU ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing though, that puts my mind at ease. xx

I had an emergency c section Sunday, for me I couldn’t move for a day but!! The midwives couldn’t help more! You’ll be given the buzzer and you press that as many times you need I know I did 😂 they won’t mind! You will be so fine!! 🥰

I just had my baby on 7/07 and was in hospital for 4 nights ( I had complications). I found that managing after c section and meeting babys needs was okay for me, I prepared everything and left nearby and we had a positive first night.

I had my baby on Monday and by the time my husband left at 8 I was walking around (slowly) and lifting/feeding baby. It was hard but doable and the midwife’s come if you buzz. X

Have you discussed this will the midwife? My husband stayed overnight in the hospital every night I was there, but different hospitals have different rules. Also worth noting while I was there someone checked on me every half an hour so I was never alone for long.

Hi lovely , everyone is different but…. I had to have a spinal block. So was completely unable to move from chest down, this wore off by lunch ( my c- section was at 00:48) and I was up by lunch. They pop a catheter in if you can’t get to the toilet so don’t worry about that ! Are you sure you can’t have him stay? I had my mum stay both nights. I think maybe that may be hospital dependent but double make sure. My hospital let all birthing partners stay. I wasn’t allowed to bend over and pick my baby up out of the crib so I had to press the button to pick her up and put her down. They tell you to do this so they will help. I had the midwives come and tell me when I needed to feed her and they helped latch her on as I had no clue and she wasn’t getting it straight away. I know it’s dependent on where you go but I was petrified because my hospital isn’t rated the best on maternity, but I had no choice and had an emergency section. But everyone was amazing.

I also gave birth at 00:48 and went home the next day at lunch. They only require you to stay in for 24 hours if all goes well. Ik you said you had other medical conditions so it may depend on how you’re doing. But if you’re ok it may not be a few days. I hope everything goes ok. Feel free to message if you want to talk more about it 🩷🩷

I had a planned c-section (medical reasons) on 4th July. He was born at 9.26am and I was able to move my legs and feel again as normal by about 2pm. They took my catheter out around 5pm and from then on I was able to move around, lift baby, change and feed him. I was also perfectly capable of going to the loo etc by myself. My husband had to leave at 9pm. Just make sure your birth partner puts everything you could need during the night within easy reach of your bed, keep on top of the pain relief (don’t let it wear off, get the midwives to give you more regularly) and buzz the midwives for anything at all. They will do anything for you if you need it. C-section babies often cough up mucus in the first 24 hours, this can sound scary but is totally normal. I went home at approximately 3pm the following day. I was also nervous about staying alone but it was absolutely fine and a lovely chance to just stare at my baby and let it sink it that I’m now a mum.

I had induction and I had issues after they wanted me in for 5 days. I have never changed a new borns nappy! I promise you, mothers instinct will come to you naturally and you will be fine! A lot of the women on the wards are in similar situations and you can all help each other (if your lucky to be around nice women) the midewifes will help you when they can. You got this I promise - remember calm mummy calm baby x

I had an emergency section with my first due to kidney failure and I was unable to move for about 3 days afterwards. I was kept on the close obs ward for that time and the midwives were brilliant, I had a buzzer to call them when needed and they did everything. I felt like an awful failure as I couldn’t feed or change my baby… but I was looked after. Had an elective this time and I was up and moving about a couple hours after surgery. Very different experience. Once I could get to the bathroom they took the catheter out. They didnt give me any painkillers though (the surgeon prescribed paracetamol, ibuprofen, and dihydrocodeine) until I asked quite late in the evening (about 10 hours after surgery) when I was given paracetamol and ibuprofen. So I was starting to get a bit sore by that point, but nothing I couldn’t manage really. You will be fine, and if not the midwives are there!

@Mikayla for C-section you are always required to stay, different for vaginal as you haven't had major surgery

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