Lots of Discharge ?

Curious has anyone else noticed an increase in discharge? I literally have to change my underwear 😂 I feel like I’m leaking 😂😂 first time it happened I panicked thinking it might be blood. Luckily it wasn’t but the sure amount of it was alarming enough. I’m 9 weeks so idk if that makes a difference. Gonna see what google has to say!
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Yes! I am at the point where I have to wear a panty liner. I am 9 weeks too. I was told by my dr this is super normal. She advised wearing a panty liner to monitor texture and color. All these fun things we get to learn about :).

Yes! It’s normal with the influx of hormones.

I’m 9 weeks as well and I’m experiencing the same! Mostly clear discharge. I thought I was bleeding too!!!

Oooo fascinating!

Yeah and it's very sticky 😅

Ugh, yes. I feel it coming down and sometimes go check. It’s a “fun” game - is it blood or not? So far all good :)

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