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Does anyone know If I were to go into labour before my c section date would I have to go in for an emergency c section?
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In my case, I had planned c section date but situation changed and had to go in for cat 3 c section due to preeclampsia

I went into labour before and they said it wasn't an emergency C-section but a cat 3 no idea what that meant but it was still all very smooth and had my baby 4 hours after arriving at hospital

This happened to me on Monday. I just rang up when my waters went. They let me get to 8cm though as they didn’t believe me that I was progressing quickly (waters went at 4:30, in at 7am, 8cm dilated by 8:30…couldn’t have any pain meds due to c section. Rushed me in as 1st on the list snd had the baby at 9:23. Please demand a check if you go into Labour and don’t let them presume it will be a long Labour if it’s your first like they did with me. Xx

@Xena cat 4 is elective, cat 1-3 are all "unplanned" but cat 3 means planned due to risks to mum or baby, cat 1 is emergency

@Emmo Thank you 😊

You don’t have to - you can choose to see how you progress and try for a vaginal birth if you want to. But if you still want the section, you’re just added to the list for surgery that day, but it would no longer be a cat 4 (elective) section.

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