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Hi there, My baby is 6 weeks old tomorrow. I have been exclusively breastfeeding by day and pumping two bottles to have during the night so my husband can help with some feeds over night. I am highly considering nursing when I feel up to it and supplementing with formula. because Exclusive nursing in demand has caused a ton of postpartum anxiety/depression that is weighing heavy on me. I don’t see myself pumping exclusively given the toll that can also carry. Can anyone share there experience with adding in formula? How has it been for you? Do you feel supplementing with formula or expressed milk has given you some time back in addition to improving your mental health? Also, what sensitive formulas are you liking for your babes? Lastly, I will say that it’s been hard to come to the conclusion of even thinking about giving my baby formula because of the constant messaging we get that “breast is best.”
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A fed baby is a happy baby ❤️ there is absolutely no shame if that baby is fed. Are there advantages to breast feeding? Most definitely. But like you said it's draining and takes a mental toll. I never made it past two weeks breast feeding exclusively. My LO had a tongue tie that made it PAINFUL to breast feed. Exclusively pumping is exhausting and feels impossible if you have a Velcro baby. Once I stopped trying to breast feed all the time my supply dropped majorly and we had to go to mostly formula. ( But it was early and my supply wasn't established already) We had to change formulas a few times before we found one that didn't upset his belly but the formula feeding has made room for less stress and more happiness. My body is mine again, my husband can feed at night which gives me much needed extra sleep, and my baby and I are happy and healthy ❤️

I was forced to supplement due to baby having low weight gain. I went with Kendamil organic and she’s had no issue with it. It’s been nice to have one can on hand for when she was with family or I just needed a physical break. I’m pumping, breast feeding, formula bottle feeding and it’s a good combo that works for us. I plan to breastfeed am and pm when I go back to work while pumping when I can. We will always plan to have kendamil on the back burner when needed and it was nice to let go of the mentality of only wanting to feed her breast milk. The doctor told me to think of formula as “medicine” and we only planned to use it for a week or so. Kendamil lasts one month open and it’s been piece of mind to have that as an extra option when this momma needed a break. You’ve got this and do what works best for you!

I had to supplement with formula on day 4 because my baby would not latch. I began pumping when he was 2 weeks and have been going since, sometimes I get him to latch but I’ve been pretty much pumping and giving formula. I’ve realized just how much of a toll breastfeeding/ pumping can take on me physically and mentally and I feel good about the formula I chose. Do what works for you as long as the baby is fed I’m sure they’ll be alright.

i give formula during the day and breastfeed at night and it honestly helps my mental state sooo much. i felt so much mom guilt at first bc i know how comforting the boob is for him and my own mom tells me im depriving him but really fed is best and i don’t feel as much guilt anymore

I wanted to breastfeed so badly, but unfortunately with having an emergency c-section I wasn’t quite set up for that. The hospital where I had my boy was not breastfeeding friendly and pushed formula instead of helping me get him latched. I have pumped from the beginning every 2-4hrs, breastfed when possible or it feels right, but I don’t produce more than 2oz and he feeds 3.5-4oz. I supplement with formula the other half. I have gotten into the habit of pumping while feeding him a bottle at night which prepares milk for the next feeding. Pumping 2x more than his feeds during the day helps to have a little more stored.

I was worried I was not giving her enough and I was always tired and had anxiety so I started doing half breast milk half formula now my baby is on just formula I tried to breast feed but it just was to much for me I am not worried as much I still follow the guid lines for the bottles but it’s a lot less stress on my body her cause I can’t get her latched and my nipples lol but it’s all up to you on what you are comfortable with and what helps you

I was feeling very stressed about breastfeeding still am but my baby girl has a poor latch, I reached out for help and have been doing weighted feeds, she seems to be getting enough but still acts hungry after most day time feeds, it stresses me out so bad I end up putting her back on and she falls asleep I think she just wants my boob for comfort. Sometimes nursing can take an hour and it’s been so exhausting. I usually only pump once in the morning after my morning feed and then at night before she goes to bed and my husband feeds her a pumped bottle that I pumped from the morning or the previous night. I was struggling and asked my doctor for some formula samples, I feel more piece of mind knowing I have a good supply of formula for when I just can’t take it anymore, but for now I’m trying to just take it day by day I just want her fed and happy but I also want to be happy too. I go back to work next week so I’m worried how that is going to effect my mental health :(

I've had to supplement with formula since he was born and he's 2 months old today. Last week I made the decision to stop pumping mainly because it was taking me 2 to 3 days to pump enough just for one bottle when I was able to do it easily in the beginning. Its so hard mentally to exclusively pump but also has been hard to make the decision to stop. I have to remind myself that as long as he is fed that is all that matters.

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