Tips on increasing milk supply

Hi I am breastfeeding. Any tips or ticks on how to increase supply as I am wanting to store milk so my husband can feed too.
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I was instructed to take a supplement of fenugreek and milk thistle

Anything with electrolytes in it

Pumping an extra feeding or right after baby finished the feed should stimulate and send signals to your body to increase the supply

I eat oatmeal cookies and drink one body armour a day when I feel my supply needs an increase I also add in extra pumps. I pump an extra minimum 15oz a day for my daughter although 15oz is the amount she has at daycare daily

Try pumping every 3 to 4 hours for about 10 minutes. Power pumping in the morning will also help. A second wearable pump is easier when you have to be mobile. I wear mine while I'm doing house chores or feeding the baby and the primary one when I'm sitting and baby is sleeping. Try at least 1 session of pumping at night as prolactin levels are highest. Remember, it's not about the quantity it's more about the stimulation, i.e. sending a message to your brain, so don't be disappointed if you don't get enough. I would also latch the babe as much as possible because there's no better stimulation than your little babe xx keep yourself hydrated. All of this is very draining and very hard. I understand this but hang in there Hope it helps xx

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