Age gap between littles

How many of you have conceived within 12 months of previous baby being born? Do you/did you have any health complications?
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Got pregnant with #2 right when #1 hit 12 months. Pregnant with number #3 right now and found out when 2nd was 4 months old. Due next month. No complications either pregnancy. Actually, my first pregnancy was the only one with complications.

Currently pregnant with #2 got pregnant when my first was 8 months no complications!

Currently pregnant with #2 not sure exactly how many weeks I think 11 but first Apts on Friday, so far this pregnancy has honestly been easier, no morning sickness Update: 11 weeks and 6 days currently

Was pregnant with #2 when our first was 8 months old. No health complications and both were c sections (second was elective) 😊

Gave birth to my 1st 2020, 2nd 2023 & 3rd 2024 next month

24 weeks pregnant with #2. I got pregnant when my daughter was 6/6.5 months old and haven’t had any issues baby is growing well.

I got pregnant with my twins (#2 and #3) when my first was 9 months old. Overall it was a smooth, healthy pregnancy

@Angel that’s perfect!💛 how is this pregnancy going for you?

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