So depressed that I can’t go to the gym

Home workouts just don’t do it for me. I’m a single SAHM so my son doesn’t go to daycare and I’ve never left him with a babysitter. I have nobody to watch him so I can go. He’s 14 months so I’m not ready to try out a gym daycare. It’s making me so sad bc I’m constantly gaining weight from sitting around and eating so much (still breastfeeding so I’m STARVING all the time and can’t do Calorie deficit). I also live in the HOOD so I can’t go on walks cuz there’s literally strung out crackheads and bad ass gangbanging kids everywhere. 💔 No car right now to drive to a better area. Just sucks cuz I feel like it’s just getting worse everyday. I try to do home workouts and lose motivation after a few days every time although it’s obviously my only option. I used to be a 135lb bottle service girl and now I’m 186 and soooo depressed about it bc I feel HUGE n extremely overweight compared to my pre baby self.
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All I can say is I feel you. I’m in the same exact range as you pre-and post weight and I’m a single parent, work full time and literally have no time to work out alone. One thing I have done a handful of times when I have a random day off is go to a mommy and me yoga class, or that same studio has a babysitting room for certain classes and it’s literally across the hall so you can hear if a baby is crying and they can also come get you so it’s good for peace of mind. But I haven’t been able to lose weight yet and hard. I am also still breastfeeding and I know the hormones are keeping the weight on for me too. Hugs and good luck. I tell myself it won’t be forever. I want to breastfeed as long as possible because in the long run it will feel like a short amount of time. So this is what I tell myself.

I understand living in the hood. I live on the outskirts of Baltimore city and while I do walk/run during the day if it’s not hot out, it still makes me nervous. I actually encountered two people arguing on the street and they immediately stopped and starting gushing over my daughter when we went by, it was really cute, but could have went south regardless.

@Rachel yeah I live on the west side of Chicago where gang violence is at a crazy high right now since it’s summer and everyone is outside. A 7 year old boy was just shot to death a mile away by a 16 year old a few weeks ago. Crackheads are slumped over in the street. It’s awful. I’m a very white passing Hispanic and I have a stroller that looks somewhat fancy (it’s not, but for this area it is I guess) so I would stick out like a target walking around. Before when it was just me I could confidently walk around knowing I have my knife and mace but with my son it’s not a risk I want to take. :(

@Shelley I’m saving to get a car, once I can drive to a different area I’d feel better. By then my son will also be a bit older and able to somewhat communicate better. It’s so tough to adjust to all these new things and this new body!

I’ve decided to buy an at home elliptical. It’s usually what I jump start my workouts with back when I could gym. I feel like once I start with a warm up I’ll be more inclined to finish the workout. Also gonna get some 10lb weights. I already have ankle weights. I think this is the best choice for now where I can workout and watch tv on my iPad while baby plays or watches blues clues. Idk if the idea will help anyone else but they have them on Amazon for $80-250+

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