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So for most of my life I’ve always had a faster than normal heart beat, (average sits at 100-130 when I’m resting). I’ve had every test ever going and they say it’s fine and that’s just my heart and how it works… I was just wanting to basically know how do you go about booking a C section like can I pick the date etc? I don’t really want a natural birth as my anxiety about my heart rate going mental due to the pain is freaking me out massively. Im due 21st September - I just want to know I can book a C section to ease my nerves. Thanks! 🥰
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I have a heart condition that I never knew about that causes my heart to be like this, however it’s often around 130/140 it’s called ‘sinus tachycardia’ I have been told I have no other option but to have a C-Section. I’d talk to your midwife/ consultant about this! They may just agree straight away that it’s the safest option, but remember elective C-Section is always an option now! They will give you a choice of 3 dates and then you choose out of those 3! Also ask them to check for ‘sinus arythmia’ as well as ‘sinus tachycardia’ and ‘nodal rhythm disorder’ I would have never found out about these if I hadn’t fallen pregnant!xx

Yeah mine also can get that high it’s so scary isn’t it! I am deffo going to have this discussion as it’s got me so worried, thank you for this it’s really helped! The midwife is coming soon so I want to say I want an elective one! Xx

Weirdly, I’ve always noticed I’ve had a fast resting heart rate ranging from 110-135 ; but doctors have always put it down due to anxiety disorder. But even on antidepressants my heart rate is still fast. Now I’m worried ; should I be worried? I’ve planned a home water birth.

Im 21st September took and admitted fir blood clots and slow movement

@Sadhia how did you or they know you had bloodclots?

I had some breathing shortness rand triage they did sime blood test and came positive

Now waiting till morning for a growth scan soo nervous

Speak to your midwife about it and they should get you an appointment to speak to a consultant about it, I have one booked in as well🙂 As far as I’m aware you don’t get to pick a date, they give you one. I think they try and do it at exactly 39 weeks but could be anywhere between 39 and 40 depending on availability. You can definitely have an elective c section if it’s what you really want, they can’t refuse or they would need to send you to someone else willing to do it but they shouldn’t. They will try and talk you out of it though so make sure you stick to your guns if it’s what you really want! X

@Sadhia I’ve been tested for blood clots also but negative

@Rachel yeah I deffo want one! Only because of my heart, as I’m terrified of having an epidural lol but I’m more concerned about my heart going too high! X

Mine came positive and they started blood thinners injection

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