Not received maternity package from work!!

Hi everyone, just needed somewhere to vent / ask for advice I guess… I’ll be 32 weeks tomorrow and I’ve not received any sort of maternity package from my work. I was told early in my pregnancy that I’d receive a package explaining my maternity leave, the pay id be getting etc etc and I’ve not received anything. I’m scared my manager has mucked up. When I gave her my MAT B 1 form she sent it to HR in an envelope just on its own. She only realised last week that it needed to be sent with a form saying how many weeks I was, when I’d like to start maternity and all that. I’m now scared that my maternity pay hasn’t been processed and that they’ve probably lost my MAT B 1 by now. I keep asking my manager to chase it up but she’s not doing anything!! I only have 4 more weeks of actually being at work as I’ve taken holidays close to my due date and I’m starting to panic :(
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I'm sorry you're going through this when it's a time you should be resting before baby arrives and not stressing. Are you able to email HR or payroll?

If you don't think your manager is doing anything to get you answers I would go to HR directly. You shouldn't be dealing with unnecessary stress - perhaps write down all the things you want to check with them before you call/see them and that way you won't forget anything either. Hopefully you'll then be able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x

They won’t process your Mat Pay until you actually start your Mat Leave, so there should still be time to sort things out. Your only responsibility is to notify them when you get your Mat B1, which you have done. Defo contact HR directly by phone/email rather than wait around for this disorganised manager to pull their finger out!

@Maeve yup I’m definitely gonna contact them myself, I asked my manager again to chase it up today and they’re saying they’ve lost my MATB1 now!! No clue what’s going on

@Amy I’m gonna see about contacting them, I asked my manager again today to chase it up and she’s saying they’ve apparently lost my MATB1… definitely panicking now !!

@Laura yup I’ll definitely be trying to get in touch with them now, I asked my manager to chase it up again today and she’s saying my MATB1 has been lost !!

@Eryn don't panic, speak to HR and see what they say. I'm sure my midwife told me I could get another copy or something from them if it fit lost. It must happen all the time x

My work were the exact same! They gave me no information on maternity related things at all and didn’t even do a work place risk assessment for my pregnancy (I work social work hospital discharge). I ended up chasing everything up with HR as my manager wasn’t doing anything and got all the information i needed. It’s not what you need in your final weeks before finishing up. Hope you get things sorted out ♥️

@Joanna McKee I had to keep asking my manager to do my risk assessment and it was eventually done! I asked my manager for HR contacts and she’s gone in a foul mood with me!! No way I’m going back after maternity lol xx

@Eryn sounds just like my manager 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t plan on going back either lol. If this is how they are during pregnancy I hate to think what they’re like once you’ve got a child and things come up x

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