Age gap between littles

How many of you conceived an another baby within 12 months of giving birth? How was the pregnancy, any health complications, etc?
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My sister in law did and I was 13m PP and we've both been fine. No complications to this point and we're 24 & 23 weeks

I was 9months pp. Only things I had struggled with was worse back pain and an unstable pelvis. Overall my second pregnancy was significantly easier than my first

I got pregnant when my baby was 3 months old. Just had that baby a week ago. All was well!

@Cat did you do anything special to accommodate your pelvis? I have a hypertonic pelvis after my first so that worries me on this second go around a bit!

@Apryl I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope that over time your body will rebalance itself again 💛 hang in there mama

@Allexys congratulations 💛!! Thank you for sharing

I used a belly band (didn’t really help that much tbh) and I tried to rest as much as I could and avoid stairs. It got so painful I couldn’t walk for a few weeks. I also tried the belly tapes too. And did pelvic floor exercises etc. just did what I could and rested as much as possible. Doctors weren’t much help with anything lol. I still have issues 6m PP though.

Where any of you breastfeeding when you conceived after last baby?

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