Hello so I have a really bad attitude lately any tips on how to not be so pissed off for no reason all the time lol
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I need the same advice I’m blaming pregnancy but I hate this part of me it is very unlike who I am

Yea so this is a skill I have been honing for years and I use it with everyone. It started when I had this terrible manager, he was rude, sexist, wierd and felt better than anyone else. He didnt even know the job, he was related to the owner. I used to go home so angry and it would make me a bitter person having to deal with him all day but needing that job. Anyways, I found great peace in thinking about how hard it must be to be like him. No one liked him, he was dying for respect hed never get, and everyone knew he had no idea what he was doing. I could leave and live my life well, but he was stuck grappling with the worst personality flaws. That little bit of empathy really helps. A guy backed in to me once and started yelling and screaming and throwing his hands in the air. I used to be quick to anger and fight and yell but I stopped and thought you know what he must be having a really hard day today, imagine how it must feel to loose your cool so explosively in public…

… I hope his home life is ok. I do it with my kid now too. Hes attached at the hip and wont stop crying if I set him down? I think wow hes so upset, he must be teething or its hard to hear no when its a new word or he must be so tired, and I try to make the time to comfort him. It takes a lot of the anger out of my day and my heart and I noticed over the years since I been choosing empathy over anger I simply dont have the battery to be angry most times and I used to be a very explosive angry person. I was quick to yell and fight, I used to smash plates and coffee cups etc.

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