Colored urine in diaper!!

Has anyone seen this before? What could be the cause? Should I be worried? Should I take him to the hospital? He’s 7 months old, mainly breastmilk with just starting puree, fruits, and occasional puff snacks Has been enjoying ice/water due to Florida heat
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If it happens again I personally would

I'd maybe take him in to be safe. And show them the picture. Or you can do as suggested above and wait to see his next diaper.

Take him in just incase better be safe then sorry

Did you wipe his bottom to make sure it wasn't a shart? Happened to me once ... but yea id take him in

Take him in it’s crystallized pee which is mainly caused by dehydration my son had it as a new born

Thank you! I’m taking him in!

My son had that during his first month or two.. it happened about two times. The dr said it was nothing to worry about and that it happens .. just ask your dr about it next time you go in. You can also call the nursing line or your pediatricians office and ask them about it… its “crystallized” something

My son also had this but his whole diaper was covered. He was also throwing up bile. He ended up dehydrated and needing surgery due to his duodenum (bowel structure) twisting and was in the nicu for two weeks. Good luck mama! Hope you get some good answers!

@Kayla what did the dr say?

@Erin it is urate crystals & to follow up with my pediatrician. They said it should go away on its own as long as my baby continues to eat/drink well, but if symptoms start to get worse (vomiting, unable to eat, etc) to return to the E.R

Thank you for all responses!

@Erin They called back and he ended up having a UTI

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