I’m debating weather to have an epidural when I go into Labour, but I really don’t deal well with dizziness and nausea, has anyone had an epidural? If so what were the side effects? I’m very skeptical 🫤
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I had an epidural first time round as I was induced with the drip. Personally I had no side effects (the drip was already making me vomit). They ran it at a low dose so I could move and feel contractions but it took the edge off massively x

I had it last time around as they put me on the synto / Oxytocin drip on a high dose 🤮... Epidural was honestly amazing and I will definitely be getting it again in 3 weeks!!!! Didn't have any side effects on me at all x

I had one the first time around, no side effects like that at all and honestly it was amazing. I got it on day 5 of my induction/labor and it was literally the first time I got some rest in five days or nights. I was able to top it up as needed by pushing a button, so if for example you’re not feeling your legs too much and want to get up on hands & knees you can just stop using it Mine did only work on one side so they had to re cite it at about 8cm, but after that it worked fully

I had it with my first after being induced. I’d already been in hospital for 5 days and getting the epidural allowed me sleep and calm down during the hours before I was ready to push. The process of having the epidural administered was way better than I thought it would be and I had no side effects after.

Epidural didn’t make me dizzy or sick. I felt like I wasn’t in labour anymore, it was cool!

Please, if you would be getting an epidural, please, give yourself enough time to heal after delivery. 😢 Many of us who didn't have very bad backs to remind me of that decision 😔

I had an epidural at the end of a long labour last time as they was about to put me on the drip. No symptoms from me either

You could see how you get on, but discuss it with your midwife when doing your birth plan. Only you know your tolerance so weigh up the benefits vs risks.

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