Anyone else want their second yet?

I just get the thought a lot recently, even though I have other things I want to do before I do have my second child.
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Absolutely 100% not and my daughter just turned 3 😂 she is my one and done barring a freak accident with birth control. I love her to death and cannot imagine taking attention off of her to give to another child, I barely made it through pregnancy and newborn stage (I had a high risk pregnancy in and out of the hospital starting at 26 weeks, we both almost died during birth, she was immediately taken away from me but they had me on magnesium for my blood pressure so I was vomiting every 15 minutes with a fresh c section incision, I couldn’t see her until the next day, she had to stay in the NICU for a while, and I had terrible PPA (it was literally like one never ending panic attack that lasted 5 months)) so I definitely don’t want to do that again. Plus I’ve talked to a few close family members who don’t necessarily regret their second but wish they had stopped at one. I know that’s not everyone’s experience but that’s mine.

I just got through my first pushing him out but I want one but I don’t think I can with my mental health and my disability I already going through a lot with him but if I don’t he’ll be an only child and I feel guilty so idk what to do honestly I don’t like my disability I don’t want to live with it anymore because it sucks and I’m struggling with it to be a good mom

We will be trying again next year (after our wedding) I’ll be 40, so it might not happen but I’ve loved growing up with siblings and want that for my daughter if I can provide it.

I had my second when my first was 14m. I will have 3 under 3 in January 🙃

Currently pregnant with my second, big sister will be about 15m when he's born ☺

My daughter was born Nov 2023 and we’ll be trying in Jan/Feb 2025 as I’m awaiting breast surgery which will be scheduled in November and my hopes is I’ll have surgery in Nov/Dec then trying after I’ve recovered.

I definitely want to. Me and my husband immigrated and none of us have family here. It gets lonely at times. I don’t want that for my daughter. I want her to have atleast one sibling. But I am not ready yet. She is 15m today. I will only plan once she is 3yrs. Hope this helps :)


My second isn’t even 3 months and I’m thinking about #3 😩

Nope, one and done.

I wasn’t thinking about no.2 yet but I just had an unexpected pregnancy which unfortunately ended in an early miscarriage so now I think I really do want another one.

My baby is only 3 months but I got a nexplanon put in my arm right after labor so I know the earliest I am gonna even think about having another one is 3 years from now. I did this to myself on purpose because I work with babies and that’s how I got baby fever to begin with, I also knew I would love my baby so much I would want another one by the time she’s 1 and I’m not letting baby fever get me this time.

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