Timing of third cycle, need to make decision!

Hi all - I have a bit of a dilemma on whether to do my next cycle this upcoming month or the next one My husband decided to take 3 months of not drinking alcohol bc we are trying to maximize our chances, my last cycle was longer than expected and it throw our schedule a bit since our goal was to have our cycle in august and then be able to go to a good friends wedding. Now we have the decision to make on whether Option 1 We have the next cycle this month, which would put him at around 60 days of not drinking, and go to the wedding and have a nice summer trip Option 2 We wait until august, which gives him a full 3 months of not drinking but we are not able to go to the wedding I am so torn on how to make this decision, what would you all do?
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Go to the wedding girl . Give yourself a break and have fun then do it in August 😁

:D Yeah I def want to go to the wedding! that would mean we would do the next cycle now, which means my husband would be at 60 days of not drinking, I know online jt says sperm improvements show up at around 3 months, so would hope 60 days there would be some improvement…. Ugh I am so conflicted

Go to the wedding and enjoy girl!!! A break is well needed at times

Thanks all we figured out a schedule that works well!

My husband and I are big drinkers and he has never stopped drinking even when we do IVF, and he is 21 years older than me but still all good, my daughter she is 1 year 5 months very healthy baby, we had 21 eggs 18 fertilised and had 12 that made it to day 5 most were 5AA , 4AA and 3BB very good embryos. So think he should just relax, go for a wedding enjoy his drink and do it in August.

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