Long vent sorry feel like I'm losing it

I'm a SAHM we only have 1 vehicle my husband is gone 12+ hours a day 6 days a week. I'm struggling to get the house back in order and keep it in order. We just had a very long fun weekend and we ended up rescuing a dog. The dogs having issues and pooping in the house he chewed through the harness I got him not even 24 hours later. My husband has been asking me to get the house back in order but everytime I turn my back for one second my toddler is getting into something making a mess or about to hurt himself or his baby sister who is about to be 6mths. My husband has been snappy with me lately for no reason and then says he wasn't being snappy in the first place and I feel like I'm drowning. It's one thing after another. We're behind on bills. Family's being complete nut jobs on both sides. I have no help and can't really ask my husband for help because he's constantly exhausted and helps me as much as he can as it is. He missed putting the trash out 3 weeks in a row now so we have trash piled up and no where to put it till it gets picked up. Dishes piling up because my dishwasher is broken and it's hard for me to just stand and do the dishes all at once with my toddler and 6mth old. And my fucking dryer stopped working so now we're piled up on laundry. My son decided he was going to get into the diaper rash cream and smear it all over the carpet he was right behind me on the floor I was sitting on my bed with my husband right after he got off work and I was talking to him while he was changing. He had to have found it under my bed or something because I haven't even bought that diaper rash cream brand in months and had thought it was thrown away. I don't know how to get it out of clothes let alone carpet. I can't just have a day to myself either it's impossible with no one to watch my kids and my husband working 6 days a week.
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Honestly it sounds like you didn’t need a dog that is like adding another child to your home and also you need to get your babies on a schedule where they take a nap everyday and go to bed at a certain time everyday also they shouldn’t be in your room that is your sacred place and it’s sounds like they already have free reign over the rest of the house and as far as your husband he may not understand what you go through and he may be snappy because of the condition of the home but you don’t have to prove yourself just do what you need to do to have your peace of mind and he will follow and the trash smh ima keep it honest with you do not let trash pile up for 3weeks regardless of it’s his job or not definitely bring it up at the right time but no one wants 3week old trash that most likely has diapers and dog poop in it once you’re on a schedule mamma things will be somewhat smoother

But motherhood is overwhelming and being a sahm mom is even more chaotic but once you get the hang of it do not hesitate to go to the store and leave them with dad or put them to bed and have a glass of wine you deserve to relax just as Much as he does !!! Unlike his your job is 24hrs a day 7 days a week with no pay or overtime

@CiaraJai I wouldn't have taken the dog but it really needed somewhere to go I don't have anywhere else to put my kids my son isn't sleeping on his own fully yet and the only spare room we have right now is a storage room we should be moving before the end of the year into a better house but this one was the only one available to us when we moved back to this state for my husband's new job I've been trying my hardest to get us on a schedule my toddler will not lay down and go to sleep without me and it has to be me he won't go to sleep for my husband he won't nap without me and wakes up throwing a fit if I try to get up I feel helpless and out of control of everything right now I can't work to help us get back on our feet I can't even doordash or anything like that because I have the kids other then at night and there's no orders at night I've tried our house is to small for all of us and I'm just not sure what to do anymore I'm trying so hard I really am I just want to go somewhere alone and sit in silence

Girl yes I know just know everything you are doing counts and girl you might have to put the kids in their space and leave and sit in the living room or you will never get them on a schedule but it does sound like a lot and don’t throw in the towel just yet as moms we always find a way to figure it out even when we think there’s nothing left we can do

Bless you. Well if you're here to just vent keep going I think it's helpful to talk out the things building up in you. You are both stressed and struggling , these days don't last forever though just like your vacation the good comes back around. As for advice or suggestions I should say, are you in a house ? And one problem at a time you're doing your best . Make sure you're eating and hydrating yourself. Quick meals or smoothies yk. Put those clothes in the tub and line dry or take it to the laundromat that can be fun for you toddler too. Can you Drop your husband to work so you can have the car ? Messes are overwhelming don't let it eat into the few moments you may actually get to breathe. Cleaning diaper wash cream ,my best guess is dish soap vinegar and baking soda paste with a tooth brush ? Water ,dry, water ,dry. I hope you and your hubby can continue to be a team and take care of yourselves for each other.

This sounds so stressful. You and your partner should let each other know exactly what you need to support one another to help get things back in order. Which means both being understanding and forgiving. Because it's stressful enough without other emotional baggage on top. I found printing out a super detailed daily task chart to be helpful but everything will not get done perfectly every day and that is okay. The chart will help you catch up over a few weeks. It will also help your partner see what still needs to be done as a household. Get groceries delivered with a subscription if you don't have a vehicle you need that. And you need time off too to get out away from the kids. Use disposable plates and paper cups when you can. Easy-ish one pot meals when you can. Use the same cups/plates and rinse and wash before each meal real quick. A broken dishwasher is really stressful. Start one new thing just for yourself either listen to an audiobook or get out the house once a week.

@CiaraJai I was able to take a break my my kiddos this weekend and when I went to drop them off my husband cleaned majority of the house and surprised me when I got home and we got a kennel for the dog until it's potty trained and we're taking a lot of clothes to the laundry mat today and trash to the local dump and we should be able to get a used dryer by next week hopefully feeling a lot better I got to spend the morning at home finishing up the house and my kids are having a good time with my mom

@Allison @Kayla

Great girl so proud of you and I’m glad things fell in place for you

@CiaraJai my husband helped me out a lot I didn't expect him to clean up the house like he did it took a huge load off my shoulders and he had me pick up dinner before I got home so we where able to just relax watch our show and go to bed after I got home

Hell yeah girl 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

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