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My baby is currently 1 month and I am still struggling to produce milk. I get a couple drops while pumping to stimulate the milk, but obviously that’s not enough. I feel so guilty that I haven’t been able to nourish my baby with breast milk. Is anyone else dealing with this? Did the milk finally come after pumping constantly?
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I recently had a 104 fever due to haven a clog in the one boob which cause my milk to go down a lot and when pumping I was barely getting anything from that boob what I found to help with bring my milk back was latching him and allowing him to suck/drink directly from the breast then pumping a little later on

I’ve tried it all under the sun - literally, you name it I’ve probably tried it. While my milk supply increased with pumping, meds, and supplements, I’ve never been able to produce enough. Don’t let the guilt get to you, it’ll mess with your mental health. You’re doing what you can, and everyone’s going to have different thresholds as to what they can handle. Try (it’s hard, I know) to flip the script and feel good about what you can produce, like instead of “shit that’s all I made?” Mentally (or outloud) say “my body’s amazing, it’s doing its best to nourish my baby!” And if you stop pumping because it isn’t worth it, that’s ok too! Don’t let other people make you feel like you aren’t doing a good job because your journey looks different from theirs.

Placing demand on your body is really the only way to get your supply going. Place baby on your nipple to suck even if nothing is coming out but remember baby’s latch will always be stronger than a pump so they may have a better chance of getting milk out. Then pump after repeat with every feeding over time your body will start to make enough to accommodate baby’s eating

Thank you guys!!!

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