What is the whole stigma around bd and bm drama like why is it supposed to be a norm for us to be beefing? Me personally I’ve learned to get along with him and even have made plans to get back together once we both get our lives together everyone around him feels like he should stay hating me cause I left him (because he was really bad for my mental and emotional health at the time in my life that we were together honestly) but I’ve forgiven him for the hurt he caused and moved past it and the both of us just want to reconcile but the people around him are making it like I’m trying to run some type of game on him or “play him” Even if we don’t get back together I want to know why we should be carrying a grudge towards each and really not f with each other especially being we have BABIES together (not even kids but babies). And just want peace tbh
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I feel like the negative stores get pushed to the forefront, because well, people love the drama. As for people having good relationships, I’d imagine if we went out here just to let people know how good we have it, there might be a few ladies saying “good for you” 🙄

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