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Someone please help! I can’t cope my 10 month old has his two front teeth coming through and they have hardly slept this evening. Put down at 6pm slept for 20 mins and still up at 00:00 he won’t take his bottle , he won’t take calpol ,co sleep or even sleep in car seat all these things normally get him to sleep he is currently crawling around the floor like he has taken loads of sugar any advise please I don’t know what to do
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I think its normal my LG has these days too and after trying everything with no luck, i just let her play until she literally falls asleep on her own She would be crawling in the living room and randomly just put her head down and sleep She would never usually easily sleep unless shes OVER tired and in this hyper mood And same with her its usually down to teething Hang in there, he will defo sleep eventually

I ended up putting my mattress on the floor so my son can crawl around the bedroom & on & off the bed (he loves to climb on & off things like 20x in a row & than he gets tired & i start rocking him to sleep with his favorite blankie & i sing to him usually happy birthday🤣🫶🏻 he likes it. Or i hum if im like out of breath from rocking him😭😭 i give him a lil extra milk if hes fussy & sometimes he just falls asleep like that drinking some milk or chewing on a toy

Some things i do with my son that helps relax him faster is rubbing his head or his back. Laying down & letting him climb on me for a bit until he bites me or pulls my hair. Also if i put on a lofi beat on youtube it relaxes him alot too. Turning the lights off. Keeping red lights on if u have them (red helps with melatonin or something) singing softly or whispering to him helps him sleep also ❤️🫶🏻 also i use to spin him around in his diaper changing table lol. its one with wheels & we have wood floors so we will literally just lay him down & spin him a little bit🤣🤣

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