LO keeps waking up at night when dummy falls out?

At 10 weeks to 2 months old my baby was sleeping through even if his dummy fell out but now he’s almost 4 months I’ve noticed he’s much more reliant on it at night and wakes up every time it falls out or after a few hours of it falling out He’s only needing 1-2 feeds in the night so he can usually sleep a good stretch from about midnight to 6am but because of the dummy his sleep is disturbed! Is the trick here to just start weaning him off the dummy?
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From everything I read bubs get more attached to it around 4-6months so we weaned our first baby off around then 😅 we took it out once she was asleep or only put it in for a little bit and took it out

@Caitlyn can I ask how you weaned at night? Did you have to go cold turkey?

I’m no expert 😅 but I started to notice she was starting to get more reliant on it so I pulled back but it did mean that I spent abit more time settling her, you could start with nap times maybe? Then move on to bedtime he might just need a bit more help to settle for abit but he will adjust and then it’ll be normal for him! My girl eventually just wasn’t fussed about it

They will eventually learn to find the dummy around 6-8m but if you can wean the dummy its better in my opinion. My daughter is 2yo and she is so dependent on it and its a horrible habit, cant wait to get rid of it..

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