How are we getting our babies to sleep ? the cry it out method is hard to commit to I keep finding myself messing up the cycle.
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I did total extinction cry it out at 7.5. months. It took 3 days, but you’re right you have to commit. If you give up one night and get the baby out of the crib it will send mixed messages. I also fully weaned the night feed before during CIO.

A couple awesome accounts on instagram to check out if you don’t want to do cry it out are @heysleepybaby and @resting_in_motherhood. Also @babiesandbrains is a good one to see from an infant neurologist the effects to attachment. I can’t let my baby cry it out. Also sleep isn’t learned, babies sleep in the womb, babies are born knowing how to sleep, sleep training is actually modifying their behavior. Babies and kids will sleep through the night when they are developmentally ready. I know it’s hard on us, but I can’t imagine what it would feel like for a baby to cry and learn that you won’t come.

@Hannah yes same and for a bit we were doing great ! And now we’re struggling again. The good sleep lasted a few weeks

@Joi that is the main argument against sleep training but it is actually pretty empty based on experience. My baby was sleep trained with CIO. She still cries if she needs something, like if she is in pain, if she pooped the diaped, if she is gassy and I go to attend her needs, she only does not cry when connecting sleep cycles because now she can do it on her own. So, they do cry and you go to attend their needs they do not cry to connect sleep cycles cause they can put themselves back to sleep. As far as attachment... CIO didn't affect my relationship with my baby at all, she loves me, and is pretty attached to me. She can play independently as long as I'm in the same room or she can hear me, when presented with strangers she is fine with them as long me or her dad are present or close by, otherwise she would cry... pretty much all the secure attachment signs that you would expect.

I nurse my daughter to sleep every time and then lay her in bed and one day about 2 weeks ago she started sleeping through the night on her own🤷🏼‍♀️ she did it when she was ready, we just went with what she needed

@Alejandra I appreciate your input. The Babiesandbrains neurologist has an interesting reel on sleep training studies. Honestly what it comes down to for me is that it goes against my natural instincts as a mother to leave my kid to cry on purpose. I’d rather be their safe place, be there to help them regulate their emotions not leave them to figure it out for themselves. They are a baby. And I f my baby’s cry is supposed to strike a reaction in me, I’m going to listen to that instinct not ignore it. And I’m not willing to risk our attachment on something so temporary.

It’s okay to cuddle you little one, they’re used to being so interlinked with you, just soak in the love and rest for yourself too

I just bought a floor bed because she’s very active and likes to get off the bed. Also so we can roll off after she sleeps. The crib very became storage lol

Nurse, burp, rock on shoulder for a minute or two. He lays his head on my shoulder and then I move him to a horizontal hold and rock him for a minute. I may sit down and gently bounce his butt just to give stimulation for a minute or two, then lay him down in his crib.

My son has to fall asleep laying on someone’s chest but you are able to transfer him once he’s in a deep enough sleep and he sleeps through the night with no problem. Only issue I have is that he INSISTS on waking up by 7 am lol

They will learn to do it when they’re ready. Forcing an infant to sleep on their own when biologically they still need their mother is ridiculous.

Cosleeping is my lifesaverrrr

@Joi and that is perfectly valid. It is not for everyone. Everyone parents different. But one thing is saying "that is not for me" and another one.. "that is not for me because baby will get traumatized, they need things and dont cry... infants in a foster care place in bulgaria stopped crying.. bla bla bla... it just low key throws shade into what other moms choose. At the end of the day everyone knows better what works for their family. I'm glad with my decision as I'm sure there are cosleeping moms glad with their decision and moms who dont cosleep or sleep train that are also glad with THEIR choice. At the end one thing is true.. and it is the most important indicator of a child development, happiness and success later in life is the happiness of their mom. Nothing can affect them more than having a depressed mom.. do as long as mom is ok with her decision, happy and present, baby will turn out very well.

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