Breastfeeding and drinking

Has anyone breastfeed there babies but once in a while went out for a drink does it affect milk? Will baby in take any alcohol? How long do u wait to safely breast feed again? I'm not talking about shit faced drunk but a couple of drinks
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Baby will take in alcohol for sure. It’s up to you if you feel comfortable breast feeding, the longer you wait between drinking and feeding the less alcohol in your blood which means less in your milk. I would have a drink right when pumping or feeding then you can make it a few hours before pumping or feeding again so there is as little alcohol as possible! Enjoy mama! The decision is completely up to you and your comfort level.

They say if you feel the alcohol at all that it’s in your milk. I would pump or feed then have a few drinks and if was 2/3 hours later and I had had more than 2 Drinks I would pump and dump. But I always had a stash of milk so that’s easier said than done for others who may not have extra milk to spare

I have extra milk in my freezer but I'm so hesitant on having drinks with friends as I don't want my baby in taken any of it but people also said I can test the milk with strips before feeding but I'm not really sure if that's actually accurate to be able to do!

They do say you can test with strips, I never did that I thought it was a waste of money, I was just more comfortable pumping and dumping.

I’m currently out enjoying a night of drinking and I usually plan ahead pump every few hours to have enough for feedings then breastfeed right before. Worst case scenario I’ll give formula instead. I pump after I’m done and save it for milk baths so I don’t waste fresh milk but hours after it’s typically safe to feed.

I’ve been told my friends that are moms and doctors or nurses that alcohol transfer to milk is negligible and it’s fine to drink as long as you don’t get black out

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