I feel like i'm constantly failing. Little one is so difficult & now hes waking every 2:45-3 hours a night and i'm so tired, i can barely function the next day anymore. I feel physically sick every night when I go to bed because I know he's going to be up not long after.. I don't know what to do anymore. Its mentally and physically ruining me
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You arent failing. Your baby’s sleep is not in your control and frequent night wakes are still normal. Could you safely cosleep to try and get some more sleep? On the worst days I have to nap with my baby then next day

You're not failing! Don't blame yourself. I've got 2 children and they are so different. The first slept through the night early on and didn't need any rocking/settling. My 7 month old doesn't want to sleep for much longer than a couple of hours at a time and needs rocking for ages, then usually wakes upon trying to put her down. I've done nothing different, they're just all different! Sleep depravation is hard though, you're doing amazing. Remember, this stage will pass. It's just very hard when you're in it xx

Is there not anyone that can look after him just for one night at least to give you a break? As I can only imagine just how exhausted you are after so many months. As CeeCee said, maybe try co-sleeping if you can. Me and my little one have co-slept since day 1 and it's super easy to get her back to sleep

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