So I know a lot of moms feel down about their body postpartum. As much as I knew it would happen, I think what made it very difficult and honestly really brought me down was I couldn’t lose my weight. Here I am, nearly 2 years later & I’m still having body issues. To the point where I’ve had friends say “you should be losing it easily since you’re running after your toddler.” It’s been one of the main reasons (if not number 1) that my confidence took a huge hit. Currently I’m packing for a trip/wedding, and my mom had gotten me these white pants in a size that fit me before I got pregnant—now don’t get me wrong—I have rolls that won’t go, I’ll probably have to wear those tight tummy shapewear, but THE PANTS FIT. I just really needed to tell someone this—thought I’d post it here. I don’t feel pretty, but those pants fitting really just made me feel like all is going to be okay with my body image and self esteem. Side note: I’ve legit been wearing oversized stuff. Sweatshirts, shirts, hoodies… no sleeveless or short shirts.. think tunic long. Just so I could hide it all.
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I have been in the same boat!!! I held onto about 30-40 lbs after having my first baby. I’m so happy for you that your pants fit bc that is an AMAZING accomplishment for you mama!

@Caitlyn feels so good to hear that someone else feels like this too. Same—I held/have held onto at least 30 pounds. Thank you!! 🥹

I was feeling bad until I just bought new clothes 🙃 I don't want or need to fit into old things and the baggy stuff will make me feel frumpy and like I look bad. I'm so happy for you with this win tho! It's all a new phase

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