Mommy walks

Who lives in Loveland CO and would want to start doing mommy walks in the morning? I need mommy friends since I just moved back here!😊
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hey! i live in longmont but i’m willing to drive a bit!

@Izzie Longmont isn’t too far for me either! We could plan a day, I’ll message you😊

Hey 👋 sounds fun! I live in Loveland too! And wouldn’t mind going driving to Longmont either there’s lots of cool stuff over there.

Super down!!

@Amanda and I love walks with our girls !

@Meli I would love to join those walks!

I live in Loveland!! I’m only one week out so I can’t even drive yet, but that would be great! I need some mommy friends

I’m in Longmont and don’t mind driving so I would be in.

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