Opening gifts at bday party?

Hi I loathe opening gifts in front of people. Is it rude to not open them??? I think my daughter may have the attention span to open like 1 gift, but she will likely want to just run around and be a nut. Thanks in advance
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I decided we're not gonna open presents in thr party

No one opens presents anymore

Guests at my party were quite offended when we said we weren’t opening the gifts there. We ended up doing it for everyone and it really wasn’t that bad. We did 1 gift every hour so she could open and play immediately. I hated the attention but she had a ball of fun!

We don't do birthday parties until 3, but this is a great thing to think about for my September '21 baby. I hate opening presents in front of the guests. I think we'll put on the invite that we won't be opening gifts while guests are here.

Is that a thing? I’ve rarely been to any kind of party where gifts are open in front of everybody and I’m 49 years old. Just don’t do it? Usually parties are on a time limit so maybe use that as an excuse. For our baby shower, we had an agenda so people can see there’s no time for that silliness.

You could wait until after the party and let your daughter open them and take pictures of her opening each one and make a post. We have friends who did that. If social media isn't your thing, you could always send photos in a message to those who gave gifts, too.

For my niece’s first birthday party, my sister asked guests to not wrap the gifts and just had a gift table where everyone put the gifts and knew about it before coming. We thought it was odd at first but honestly nobody even thought about it once the party started

At my daughter's next birthday party, I don't plan on opening gifts. I am already anticipating this absolutely pissing off my in-laws, lol, but who cares? From what I've seen, there are basically two kinds of ways that kids react to someone else opening presents: they either couldn't care less and just wanna keep running around having fun, or they wanna start opening toys and whatnot so they can play with them. I'm not particularly interested in dealing with either scenario. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the idea of just taking a video while the kiddo opens the present and then sending the video to the giver.

I am going to do it and think it’s a good way to pass the time but if I or my son are not into it, I have no problem stopping and telling everyone thank you but we will have to continue later.

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