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Has anyone pumped or BF with their girls pierced? Haha don’t attack me bc I know with the piercings the balls could be a choking hazard if not on tight enough or If they screw off so I was considering to just exclusively pump bc the price of formula is INSANE. But I really do not want to take the jewelry out and then if I let them close it HURTS SO BAD. So lmk any experiences with both. If you BF with the piercings.. how was that?… if you pumped with the piercings in how was that? I tested out my pump with and without piercings and I felt as if it was equally as uncomfortable with them in and out so I just decided I’d probably rather keep them in 😭
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You won’t be able to breastfeed with them in. I asked about it already. I ended up just taking them out. I do have 2 extra holes that milk comes out of sometimes 😂

I took my piercings out around 6/7 months preg and let them do it’s things, I had milk coming out of both holes HAHAHAH and I semi recently stopped bf and pumping and I just got them re pierced (wasn’t much tissue to go through luckily cos it’s such a slow healing process)

I took mine out around four months pregnant. I am four months postpartum now and they are still hanging on. I think it would probably cause permanent damage to try to pump with them in but more power to you. 😅

Had to take mine out completely.

@Erin 😂 you're motivating me to get mine! I soooo wanna boost my milk production 😅

@Magnolia 😂😂 it won’t boost your supply lol it just makes it look funny and makes more of a mess 🤣

@Magnolia tbf it’s pretty funny getting sprayed in the face 3 different ways bc my LO is crazy 😂

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