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Original baby walkers are banned in Canada & people can be fined up to $100k for selling & owning one!!! I just read online . I know babies use to get injured by them but being fined $100k doesn’t seem very reasonable 😂 anyone heard of this? I’m a first time mom I wanted to get one for my baby turns out I can’t !!
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I used to work daycare so i know a bit about this. (Left 2019 so possibly a little out of date) You can't be fined from owning one but can be for selling, giving away importing, etc. Certain types of walkers, the ones that have thw baby suspended in the middle with wheels so they can roll around by themselves are banned because babies without enough bodily control can build up enough speed to knock down baby gates and fall down stairs and such.

It would make sense that you could be fined for owning one because (presumably) you would need to import it into Canada which is illegal.

They were banned in 2004 I believe. Here's an article about it from 2018 which still stands. It makes sense that these are banned. Knowing the risks was a good enough reason to not bother getting one. We have the bouncer and the push walker, those are available here.

@Tara yes and no because when it was explained to me, if you throw one out you can't stop another person from taking it from the curb or dump, which is the argument I'm sure would be used if someone tried to fine you for owning it.

@Kai yes that’s a possibility but that’s why when products are ‘banned’ they are supposed to be destroyed/dismantled in a way that they can’t be reused

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