Pumping to induce

I’m 39 weeks & 1 day and I’m OVER IT HAS ANYONE PUMPED TO INDUCE LABOR,HAS IT WORKED and how long did it take ? Also how long is pumping uncomfy for ? Bc wow 😭 everyone says it shouldn’t hurt but I don’t enjoy it 🫠
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So my first son I pumped for about a month, every day multiple times a day and still went to 42.3. And like I used an actual pump. Started hand expressing but got fed up and switched. It would occasionally give light contractions but as soon as I stopped they would stop. This time I’ve been hand expressing cause I’m more focused on colostrum output/collecting but same issue, been doing it on and off for two weeks and still not in labor. I know some people it works great but I’ve got stubborn babies. As for the discomfort, make sure you’re using the right flange size, lubing your nipples up with nipple butter or something, and start at a lower setting and work your way up. If it hurts it’s not going to give great output. I exclusively pumped last time and it was painful until I fixed those things. Then it was just mildly uncomfortable sometimes I was too engorged or or just not setting up properly.

It worked for 3 of mine, I started pumping and within a few days they were all here very quick and easy labors. This one I’m almost 39 and have been at 1cm for over a month and nothing has helped.

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