Csection feel weird

I’m 6 months pp and I’ve been doing ab workout for about a month now but today after I did it the inside on one side of my csection felt tingly and like a rolling sensation. Cant find anything on Google. Has anyone had that before or any idea what it is. Tbh it made me panic lol.
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This! This here I have been trying to find someone else that has this issue! Anytime I do anything that may be somewhat like a crunch motion it feels like my abdomen goes numb and tingles, as if my muscles will give out or tense up, 8 month PP c-section

I get weird pain for sure from abdominal exercise...not sure how to describe. 3 months pp

Maybe it’s normal then? Maybe it brings back feeling a bit? Suppose I’ll just crack on 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

This happened to me yesterday...6 months +1 week pp! I think I just got my period back. Unless I hurt myself...

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