I’ve been having very frequent headaches. I’ve mentioned to my doctor but she had just said to take Tylenol when it happens. But Tylenol doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve been waking up and going going to sleep with a headache for the last 6 days. Is this normal? I’ve googled it and it says it might be a sign of preeclampsia, so now I’m freaking out. My blood pressure was fine on my last visit. Anyone else going through this ?
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Hi there, I had a lot of headaches too. For days in a row sometimes, it’s really awful. My doctor suggested magnesium ox pills, 400mg, and after a month taking everyday it’s working for me. I prefer that than taking lots of Tylenol myself. And it can be the hormones, not necessarily preeclampsia signs. Coconut water daily is part of my routine as well

I get chronic migraines. Tylenol has NEVER touched them, but I have made due with Tylenol, caffeine an a nap (it’s as close to excedrin as I can get). I’ll take one extra strength Tylenol with a coke or something and lay down for a bit. I think the longest I’ve had one has been about 3-4 days. The Tylenol just keeps me from feeling like I’m dying, it doesn’t ever really get rid of the migraine. I do know that headaches can be normal in pregnancy and they should subside as you go along. Mine were the worst during wks 15-18. How far along are you?

I had the same when I was around 12 to 17 weeks. It was awful, my doctor said if continued and bothered me more she recommended to go to a Neurologist but stopped and I didn’t need to go.

I’m 23 weeks! Tylenol calms it down for a little bit but it doesn’t truly go away and comes back full force if I do any tasking activity. I’m gonna bring it up again to my doctor, but I’ve stopped taking any medications now cause I’m scared of it affecting the baby if I take too much of anything. Hopefully it’s just hormone related, and can be fixed with magnesium or something.

I’ve been having so many headaches recently too. Was given Tylenol for it but im still worried because my high bp and preeclampsia risk

Have you tried super upping your water/electrolyte intake? I agree, tylenol never helps my headaches, but there are usually other outside sources I can tell are triggering them! If your BP has been measuring normally and you aren’t have abnormal swelling, I wouldn’t worry too much about preeclampsia, but def keep a headache journal so you can tell your doctor just how often they’re happening.

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